Habib University – Pakistan’s Best Undergraduate Experience

A great higher education experience is defined by the quality of its undergraduate program. Unfortunately, Pakistan’s academic framework is marred by dysfunction and incoherence, coupled with a severe lack of access to quality higher education institutions.

To address these challenges, Habib University, Pakistan’s first-ever community-owned Liberal Arts and Sciences institution, was established to provide the best undergraduate experience in Pakistan. From offering a world-class intellectual experience to granting access to quality higher education and facilitating students’ transition to university life, Habib University is committed to shaping futures.

A World-Class Intellectual Experience

Habib University offers a unique, contextual-rooted, and inspiring intellectual experience benchmarked against the world’s best institutions. The University offers six interdisciplinary undergraduate programs and thirteen minors under two schools: the School of Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences (AHSS) and the Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE). At the core of Habib’s curricular programs is their groundbreaking Habib University Liberal Core Curriculum, providing a range of courses in different forms of thought in the natural and human sciences.

These academic offerings are carefully designed to examine the world through a critical lens, thereby cultivating individuals who are critically conscious 21st-century leaders and innovators. Habib University’s pedagogical ideology directed towards the analysis and comprehension of the issues we face today has inspired leading global institutions to form multiple peer-to-peer partnerships with Habib University.

The World’s Most Generous Student Support System

Habib University is committed to addressing the challenges of accessibility and affordability for world-class quality education by decoupling sustainability from student tuition fees and increasing access for students, regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds.

With the remarkable support of their community of donors Habib University offers the most generous scholarship and financial aid program in the history of Pakistan. Habib University’s Scholarship and Financial Aid (SAFA) program meets the needs of admitted students and provides individualized scholarships and financial aid packages based on their merit.

With 85% of its student body benefiting from various scholarship and financial aid programs, Habib University has disbursed approximately $30 million (PKR 4 billion) in financial aid since its inception. One key highlight is Habib University’s Talent Outreach, Promotion, and Support Program (HU TOPS), a flagship program offering fully-funded (100%) scholarships to talented students from Pakistan’s local examination boards. 

Facilitating the Transition to University Life

Students entering university encounter numerous challenges while transitioning from high school to higher education. At Habib University, the First Year Experience (FYE) program addresses students’ concerns, offers intellectual and logistical support, helps them become committed HU citizens, and engages them in conversations about optimizing learning at college.

The Summer Program for Language Arts (SLASH) and Learning Engagement and Advising Program (LEAP) aim to onboard students, providing opportunities to hone university skills such as critical thinking, active listening, and effective communication while acquiring core skills for Science, Engineering, and Humanities degrees.

Ensuring Student Success

In a rapidly evolving career market, it is crucial to prepare students to navigate their future thoughtfully and successfully impact society. Besides curating a high-quality learning experience, Habib University has created two distinct programs for focused career development for students: the Career Curation Program (CCP) and the Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP). Under CCP, the institution offers career information sessions, skill-building courses, workshops, and counseling sessions to help students develop real-world skills and determine their career path.

The University also hosts recruitment drives, career fairs, and networking sessions with top companies in Pakistan, providing early access to opportunities. Habib University graduates are employed at over 200 companies in Pakistan or pursuing higher education at over 80 universities worldwide. The Graduate School Curation Program (GSCP) is a crucial step to graduate school readiness, and part of GSCP’s function is to remove the uncertainty associated with finding, funding, and securing research opportunities.

Habib University’s dedicated counselors have helped Habib University graduates receive prestigious scholarships such as the Fulbright, Erasmus Mundus, and Commonwealth scholarships, in addition to opportunities such as Graduate Teaching Assistantships and university-based scholarships.

Embark on a path to success with Habib University; join a community of forward-thinkers and embrace boundless opportunities.

Apply now for admission at Habib University and be part of the best undergraduate experience in Pakistan.

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