You Can Now Use Multiple WhatsApp Numbers on a Single Phone

WhatsApp now offers the convenience of using two distinct accounts on a single Android smartphone, in addition to its existing capability of using one account on multiple smartphones.

This long-awaited feature, reminiscent of Telegram’s offering, has been accessible to WhatsApp’s beta testers for a while, but it is currently being gradually introduced to the stable channel.

This novel capacity to simultaneously run two separate WhatsApp accounts on one device eliminates the necessity to keep around two smartphones or employ app cloning features. This should allow you to keep your personal and work accounts on the same device, for instance.

In order to establish the second WhatsApp account, it’s essential to have an additional phone number and SIM card, or a phone equipped with multi-SIM or eSIM functionality. Nevertheless, even if your second SIM card resides in a different device, you should be able to create a second WhatsApp account, provided that you can receive the security code required for login.

Once you’ve addressed this requirement, navigate to the WhatsApp settings, select the arrow adjacent to your name, click on “Add account,” and then proceed in accordance with the instructions provided.

WhatsApp ensures that you can independently manage privacy and notification settings for both of your accounts.

Keep in mind that the multi-account feature is not available to everyone just yet, meaning it will probably be a week or two before it reaches everyone around the globe. We will keep you updated as soon as the feature arrives in Pakistan.

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