Beyond Window Shopping: Qist Bazaar Breaks Barriers with Innovative Installment Expo

When you witness thousands of people queuing up at booking counters during economic hardships, you can be certain that something extraordinary is happening. While many expos often cater to window shoppers, Qist Bazaar’s recent Installment Expo stood out in a unique way.

What set it apart was the availability of a wide range of products, from mattresses to fans, all offered on Easy Installment Plans. There were no intimidating cash prices to discourage potential buyers; instead, the focus was solely on the manageable monthly installment amounts. This made it an exceptionally accessible shopping experience, unlike anything seen before.

The Expo featured a remarkable array of items, including top-tier phone brands like Samsung, Infinix, Spark, Itel, bikes like Superpower, and Jolta, fans by GFC, mattress by Molty Foam, batteries by AGS, Home Appliances by DAWLANCE and WESTPOINT and much more. One exceptional feature was the inclusion of Refurbished Computers, all available on a 12-month installment plan and a 12-month warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Interestingly, the absence of small cars on installment plans left some attendees playfully wondering when Qist Bazaar might expand its offerings to include this category as well. The expo’s diverse product range undoubtedly catered to a wide audience.

Another noteworthy element was the presence of Qist Bazaar’s staff, easily recognizable in their distinctive purple t-shirts. They weren’t merely transaction facilitators; they were knowledgeable and informative, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

The Expo went a step further by providing information on stage about the Shariah Compliance of Qist Bazaar’s business model. This commitment to ethical and transparent business practices undoubtedly resonated with many attendees, aligning with their values.

Rubina Kamardin, Executive Director @ Qist Bazaar rightly emphasized a long-overdue truth: “The ability to pay the full price upfront has been out of reach for many for far too long. In today’s challenging economic landscape, few individuals can afford such significant lump-sum payments. Therefore, offering reasonable installment plans, such as the 12-month option, is not just essential but a standard practice that should be widely adopted.”

Kudos to Qist Bazaar for orchestrating this groundbreaking Installment Expo. It serves as an exemplary model of how businesses can adapt to the needs of their customers in turbulent economic times.

Events like this extend beyond shopping; they empower consumers, promote financial inclusion, and make products accessible to a broader audience. Initiatives like the Qist Bazaar Installment Expo should be replicated across Pakistan, ushering in an era of accessible and affordable shopping for all.

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