Heavy Rain Disrupts Power Transmission Across Lahore as 75 Feeders Trip

The city of Lahore has been impacted severely by heavy rainfall, resulting in a major disruption of the power transmission system. The inclement weather has caused over seventy-five feeders to trip, leading to widespread power outages in several areas.

The Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has been actively working on restoring electricity, with field staff being deployed to tackle the issues caused by the rain.

The sudden power outage has caused significant inconvenience to the residents of Lahore. In response, the Chief Executive of LESCO has issued a high alert across all circles and divisions, ensuring that efforts are being made to restore power as quickly as possible.

This is not the first instance of such disruptions in Pakistan. In the past, various regions in Punjab, including Lahore, have faced similar challenges during the monsoon season. For instance, in July 2020, heavy rains in Lahore led to the tripping of multiple feeders, leaving large parts of the city without power for several hours. These recurrent power outages during the rainy season often highlight the vulnerabilities in the region’s power infrastructure.

Moreover, such weather-related disruptions also underscore the need for improved preparedness and infrastructure resilience. The government and utility companies have been working on upgrading the power transmission system to make it more resistant to extreme weather conditions. However, the frequency of these outages suggests that more work needs to be done to ensure a stable power supply during adverse weather conditions.

Residents have often expressed their concerns about the recurring power issues, especially during the monsoon season, which not only cause inconvenience but also affect businesses and daily life activities. The repeated power failures call for a reassessment of the existing infrastructure and prompt action to enhance the reliability of the power supply system in the face of increasing weather-related challenges.

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