Lucky Fisherman from Karachi Becomes Millionaire in a Single Day

Haji Baloch, a local fisherman in Karachi, struck gold when he netted hundreds of precious Shawa fish, also known as herring fish.

It should be noted that such fish are very rare and their great healing and medicinal properties make them extremely expensive.

According to details, the local fisherman became a millionaire overnight when the rare fish found themselves entangled in his net. As per his estimates, he caught around 1600 of them.

Although, many local media outlets reported that the entire catch was sold for Rs. 70 crore. However, ProPakistani reached out to Mehran Ali Shah, Chairman Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum, for confirmation.

According to Mehran Shah, the numbers reported in the media are incorrect, adding that the entire catch was sold for Rs. 18 crore.

Such instances of local fishermen becoming rich overnight are not uncommon as it has happened several times in the past. Last year, a fisherman in Gwadar netted a rare croaker fish weighing 48 kilograms and sold it for millions in an auction.

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