Sindh to Auction Permits for Hunting of Markhor and Urial This Month

The Sindh Wildlife Department has initiated the bidding process for the hunting of Markhor and Urial, announcing the auction of permits during the 2023-24 trophy hunting season in Jamshoro.

The Sindh Forest and Wildlife Department has opened bids for both domestic and international hunters, as well as registered tour operators.

Foreign hunters are eligible for 15 permits to hunt Sindh ibex at a rate of $6,000 each, while five permits for Urial hunting are available at $20,000 each.

The designated hunting areas for foreign hunters include government and private properties in Surjan, Sambok, Halalo, and Pacharan. Additionally, foreign hunters are permitted to export their hunting trophies.

Pakistani hunters, on the other hand, can acquire five permits at Rs. 400,000 each for Markhor hunting in Hathiano and Ari. However, the hunted animals cannot be exported.

A total of 25 hunting permits will be auctioned at the conservator’s office on November 21, providing an opportunity for enthusiasts to participate in responsible and regulated trophy hunting activities.

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