Arslan Ash is Already the Tekken 8 Champion Before Launch

Tekken 8 is not even out yet and Arslan Ash is already scoring big in the highly anticipated fighting game.

Evo recently hosted a Tekken 8 showcase event that brought together seven of the best Tekken 7 players worldwide in a tournament to show off the game set to launch on January 26, 2024.

This gave Tekken fans a glimpse of high-level play ahead of its launch. The pro players that were invited included TM|Arslan Ash, DRX|Knee, Yamasa|Nobi, JDCR, Talon|Book, LowHigh, and Saint.

The tournament was described as an “arcade ladder”-style format. In each set, every player had the opportunity to select three characters, and in case of a loss to a particular character in a first-to-3 match, they were required to switch to a different character. The matches followed a gauntlet format, allowing the winner to remain on the stage to face the next opponent.

Arslan Ash achieved a sweeping victory, completing a clean 6-0 by defeating every single player in the tournament. His most notable wins included a 3-0 against both Knee and Book. He did, however, have to struggle against LowHigh, Nobi, and Saint, going 3-2 against each one.

Arslan broke out the all-new coffee lover character Azucena and managed to dance around his opponents in each set. He also played Nina and Jun, but his tournament run mostly centered around Azucena.

Here is Arslan’s winning moment against Book’s Jin in the finals.

Keep in mind that the final version of the game is going to have some changes as the Tekken 8 Evo showcase was played on the most recent beta version of the game.

Other than the competition, the event also showcased Tekken 8’s final character roster. Once again, the game is going to launch on January 24, 2024.

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