Here’s What Actually Happened in Viral Video of Rat in Cakes & Bakes Package

The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) swung into action after a video of a rat inside one of the products of a famous bakery chain went viral on the internet.

The video shows a family asking the bakery employees to check the box of a sweet they bought from them. As they open it, a rat can be seen inside it as the family continues to film the entire incident.

PFA took action upon public complaints and sealed the baker under the Emergency Prohibition Order of the Punjab Food Authority Act 2011.

Social Media Response

The bakery in question is Cakes & Bakes and the incident reportedly occurred at its Azad Kashmir branch.

Earlier, it was claimed that the incident happened in Lahore. However, netizens pointed out that the video is from Azad Kashmir and the customers returned the bag of sweets after a few hours.

Cakes & Bakes’ Response

The renowned bakery also responded to the social media “propaganda” with CCTV footage. In the video, two individuals can be seen buying sweets from the bakery.

The bakery added that it can be clearly seen in the video that the product is hygienic and sealed, adding that they do not compromise on hygiene and quality.

Furthermore, they have also threatened to take legal action against those making false accusations.

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