Karak Finally Imposes Ban on Gas Filled Plastics

The district administration of Karak has decided to take action against people who carry gas in plastic containers across the district.

Local residents have been relying on gas-filled plastics for a long time. The plastics are filled with gas and then later used for cooking etc, posing a serious threat.

The gas-filled plastics are easily available across Karak but the district administration took no action to prevent it until very recently. In a notification, the deputy commissioner Karak stated that the ban has been imposed under Section 144.

Police have been authorized to take action against individuals violating the ban and put them behind bars.

Karak, known for its natural resources, has been grappling with an energy crisis for a long time, mainly due to theft and the negligence of the relevant authorities.

It is pertinent to mention that the residents of Karak resorted to gas theft following the failure of the government to develop proper infrastructure for its supply.

However, a significant number of people had installed meters as well and paid their bills on time. Following the increase in gas theft, authorities cut the supply of gas to various areas.

Ever since people have been coming up with different alternatives such as gas-filled plastic to fulfill their needs.

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