APTMA Partners With Better Cotton Initiative To Promote Sustainable Cotton Production in Pakistan

All-Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA) Cotton Foundation and Better Cotton Initiative Pakistan (BCI) have formalized their commitment through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at transforming cotton production in Pakistan.

The APTMA Cotton Foundation (ACF), a non-profit organization under APTMA, is renowned for playing a leading role in facilitating business and promoting government-related services for approximately 250 textile companies in Pakistan.

ACF focuses on model and cluster farming concepts to revolutionize cotton production and promote sustainability throughout the value chain.

Better Cotton Initiative Pakistan (BCI), also a non-profit organization, is a dedicated to making cotton production more environmentally friendly, economically viable for farming communities, and better for the future of the cotton sector. BCI collaborates with various stakeholders to enhance sustainability in cotton farming practices.

The comprehensive MoU outlines a framework for collaboration between APTMA Cotton Foundation and Better Cotton Initiative Pakistan.

The initiatives include strengthening the cotton value chain, enhancing productivity and quality, facilitating market integration for cotton products, improving the global image of Pakistan Cotton, identifying technical and financial partners for industry development.

It also involves advancing education within the textile sector, promoting the sustainable supply of high-quality cotton, offering training to farmers, and engaging in the development of technologically advanced seeds.

A key objective outlined in the MoU is the implementation of a traceability system aligning with international rules and standards. This system is crucial for ensuring compliance with ethical and sustainable practices, meeting the growing demand for transparency and responsible sourcing in the global textile industry.

Under the MoU, BCI will act as the program partner, providing technical support, organizing assessments, and mobilizing financial and technical partnerships.

ACF will function as the program promoting agency, undertaking responsibilities for promoting the program, preparing training materials, and ensuring traceability across the supply chain of Better Cotton produced in areas operated by ACF.

Both parties committed to cooperation for increased cotton production, quality improvement, market linkages, and fundraising programs for Better Cotton projects in Pakistan. They aim to develop a system to facilitate Better Cotton adoption and implementation in the country.

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