Govt Addresses Concerns of IMF on SIFC Mandate

National Coordinator for National Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), Dr Muhammad Jahanzeb Khan Tuesday said the government addressed the concerns of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) on giving special tax incentives as well as preferential treatment under SIFC.

Khan said the IMF has shown concern about giving special tax incentives as well as preferential treatment. However, he said that SIFC is a supportive body and it is just giving backup to ministries.

He said that Middle Eastern countries have diverted their attention to the Gaza situation and it can delay the timelines of the proposed investment from GCC countries. He said that Pakistan has established SIFC on the recommendations of GCC countries. Their investors were facing hurdles.

Khan said that we need to rebuild the capacity of government departments as our bureaucracy is not performing. He said that the government should not only hire technical experts but also invite international advisors to conduct studies on important issues.

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