Power Companies Seek to Charge Rs. 1.7 Per Unit More

The federal government is likely to raise the power tariff by up to Rs. 1.7 per unit for collection in December, January and February bills.

Distribution companies have asked the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) to raise the electricity cost. The regulator is expected to announce its decision soon. The proposed increase will be charged as quarterly adjustments and the surcharge will also apply to consumers in Karachi, local media reported today.

DISCOs have recommended a tariff hike for the first quarter of the ongoing fiscal year. The impact of this hike is expected to be Rs. 22.9 billion. The collection of the additional dues is planned for the December-February period and will result in a Rs. 1.25 per unit hike in electricity cost.

Notably, electricity sales fell by 9 percent in Q1 FY24 with DISCOs buying 38 billion units of electricity.

The regulator plans to recover Rs. 12.126 million in capacity payments, Rs. 10.247 million in system costs, Rs. 4.617 billion in operational and maintenance costs, and losses incurred to the tune of Rs. 6.61 billion.

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