Passport System Goes Down Across Pakistan, Restored After Brief Suspension

In a sigh of relief for citizens, passport services have resumed across Pakistan after a temporary suspension.

The hiatus, which left citizens in limbo, was attributed to a glitch in the citizen data service.

In Islamabad’s Executive Passport Office, perplexed citizens were greeted by a message on screens, “Citizen data service is available, please check connection with service.”

The pause in passport services compounded the already existing challenges faced by passport offices dealing with a surge in applicants.

Recently, these offices grappled with a shortage of lamination paper, causing a nationwide pause in the passport printing process.

The situation persisted for a week until the procurement of sufficient lamination paper facilitated the resumption of passport printing operations.

Citizens, who were experiencing tremendous difficulties due to the temporary halt, can now breathe a sigh of relief as the passport services are back on track.

This development underscores the importance of addressing logistical challenges in government services to ensure the smooth functioning of essential processes for citizens.

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