PIA Accuses Canadian Asylum Policy Behind ‘Disappearance’ of Employees

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has pointed the finger at Canada for the disappearance of two of its flight attendants.

The incident occurred last week when two flight attendants went missing upon arriving in Toronto on a Canadian-bound flight originating from Islamabad.

PIA spokesperson Abdullah Khan, in an interview with Arab media, expressed concern over the recurring trend of employees disappearing in Canada.

The airline promptly notified local Canadian authorities and initiated a departmental inquiry, potentially leading to the termination of the missing employees’ services.

Khan attributed the rising cases of disappearance to Canada’s lenient asylum policy, noting that eight PIA employees have vanished in Canada over the past two years.

This aligns with a broader trend of individuals seeking improved economic conditions in developed countries, with Pakistanis making perilous journeys, as seen in the recent sinking of a boat carrying 350 Pakistani illegal immigrants near Greece.

Highlighting the gravity of the situation, Khan mentioned that four PIA cabin crew members went missing last year, and four more disappeared in 2023.

The spokesperson underscored the airline’s strict rules for flight attendants traveling to Canada and European countries.

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