Sale of Weapons Banned Across Pakistan

A nationwide ban on the sale of arms has been implemented, accompanied by an official notification issued by the Ministry of Interior.

The ban extends to all regions of the country, with the Ministry explicitly stating that, apart from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory, dealer receipts for arms are deemed unacceptable.

Additionally, arms dealers are prohibited from selling weapons classified as prohibited bore.

The notification outlines stringent measures, restricting the sale of prohibited bore arms exclusively to license holders.

License holders are mandated to acquire arms solely from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory, with any purchase from other dealers being ineligible for an arms license.

Consequently, licenses will only be issued for arms procured from the Pakistan Ordinance Factory, underscoring a comprehensive and centralized approach to arms transactions.

The Ministry’s initiative aims to enhance control over arms sales, ensuring that transactions adhere to specified regulations and contributing to a more regulated and secure environment regarding the acquisition of firearms.

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