Faysal Bank, the Most Innovative Islamic Bank, Launches Financial Payments via WhatsApp Banking

Keeping in line with its vision of regularly offering innovative digital banking solutions, Faysal Bank, the best Islamic Bank of the country, has taken the lead once again and become the 1st Islamic bank to launch Digital Payments for its customers via WhatsApp banking channel.

With customers increasingly turning to technology-driven and frictionless payment solutions and customer care being at the heart of Faysal Bank’s business philosophy, this unique service from the Bank could not have come at a more opportune time.

FBL’s WhatsApp Banking is a hassle-free service empowering customers to access a wide range of banking services on the go, including the newly launched Funds Transfer service offering the best payments experience in the industry.

On the roll-out of this innovative service, Amin-ur-Rahman (CDO, Faysal Bank) said: “At Faysal Bank, we believe in continuous innovation and Digital payments will continue to be an area of focus. The launch of this unique service is testament of our endeavors in this space.”

At the launch occasion, Jaudat Hussain (Head of Retail Banking, Fayal Bank) stated: “Our customers are at the center of our product construct and digital solutions that offer convenience to them will remain an essential part of our service commitment.”

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