Supreme Court Imposes Heavy Fine on Husband For Not Giving Haq Mehr to His Wife

The Supreme Court of Pakistan has fined a man Rs. 100,000 for not paying ‘Haq Mehr’ to his wife after six years of marriage.

While addressing the applicant, Chief Justice Qazi Faez urged him to at least follow the principles of Islam even if he doesn’t recognize Pakistan’s law, adding that Haq Mehr is the right of one’s wife.

In response to a question, the applicant’s lawyer told the court that his client has two wives. Expressing his dissatisfaction with the lawyer, Chief Justice remarked that your client hasn’t paid Rs. 0.5 million of Haq Mehr as mentioned in the Nikah Nama after six years.

He added that we should order your client to pay Rs.1 million so that you never bring such cases in front of the court. After listening to the CJP’s remarks, the lawyer said that he would withdraw his case.

However, Justice Isa replied that you can’t withdraw this case whenever you want.

“You came to the Supreme Court to seek justice, after denying your wife her right for six years, we will give you justice and it should be on both sides,” the CJP remarked.

Later, the Supreme Court ordered the applicant to pay his wife Haq Mehr within 30 days and inform the Family Court along with all the documents. The apex court warned of legal consequences over failure to comply with its orders.

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