Canadian Immigration Explained: Barrister Shahrukh Abbas, Founder Ace Luxury Immigrations Solutions, Shares Expertise in Daniyal Sheikh Podcast

Famous podcaster and YouTuber Daniyal Sheikh welcomed Canadian Barrister and solicitor and Founder of Ace Luxury Immigration Solutions, Shahrukh Abbas Gondal to his podcast.

Daniyal and Shahrukh discussed topics ranging from different immigration programs and countries to issues faced by Pakistan, especially economic and social justice.

Canadian, UK, European, or Australian immigration has long been a dream for many in Pakistan, from all walks of life due to many reasons such as better opportunities and a brighter future abroad. However, due to the lack of certified immigration lawyers and consultants in Pakistan, this pursuit often results in outright application rejection, the wrong program chosen, or immigration fraud.

Barrister Shahrukh Gondal and his team of expert immigration lawyers based in Canada, Dubai, Islamabad, and Karachi have been playing a vital role in turning the dreams of Pakistanis into a reality of immigrating to Canada, the UK, USA, Australia or Europe. Their expertise, legal knowledge, and support make the daunting process of immigrating to Canada more manageable and successful.

Responding to a question as to what is the difference between an Immigration barrister and a consultant who should be preferred for immigration purposes, Sharukh Abbas responded, “A Barrister is a person who prepares your immigration case and directly files in your desired country while a consultant only prepares your file and send to third party barristers in your desired country to file the case on your behalf. Consultant, if your case is rejected or has been leveled an objection, can’t challenge it in court and therefore you have to hire a barrister; however, if you hand over your case to a barrister then the barrister can himself file an appeal in the court. ”

When asked what the main immigration programs are, Mr. Shahrukh Abbas’s firm provides consultancy. Shahrukh Abbas informed that his consultancy provides:

– Free Trade Agreement
– Self-Employed Work Permit
– Business Establishment
– Skilled Immigration
– Entrepreneur Programme
– Global Skilled Strategy
– Startup Visa Program
– International Mobility or Second Passport
– Francophone Mobility
– Study Visa

When inquired by Daniyal about his beginnings as a lawyer, Shahrukh Abbas shared candidly about his education in Lahore, then moving to the UK where he became a barrister and solicitor and then again his resettlement in Canada and starting his Immigration consultancy business that has now spread to Dubai and Pakistan and expansion in more countries is on the cards.

Besides mainly discussing Immigration programmes, Daniyal also discussed different topics with Shahrukh Abbas that relate to Pakistani society, our education system, our judicial system, our economic vows, and our culture. The complete podcast can be watched on Daniyal Shaikh’s YouTube channel.

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