FBR Obtains Data on Unregistered Sugar Buyers to Enhance Tax Collection

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has obtained data on unregistered buyers of sugar from Sales Tax Returns filed by the sugar mills for registration of dealers/wholesalers of the commodity across the country.

Sources told ProPakistani the FBR has taken some actions that would contribute to FBR’s overall strategy for broadening of tax base (BTB).

The Annex-C of Sales Tax Returns of certain national and multinational manufacturers/importer companies is being used for BTB purposes which contains bulk data of unregistered buyers.

Data of the e-stamp has been retrieved for sharing with field formations which is being used for BTB purposes for registration of potential sellers and buyers.

Data of unregistered buyers of sugars extracted from Annex-C of Sales Tax Returns of sugar mills has been sent to respective regional tax offices (RTOs) for booking of new taxpayers.

Information with reference to tax deducted under sections 236G and 236H by manufacturers of certain sectors from their distributors and by distributors from their retailers respectively has been retrieved, dealers and retailers have been identified who are still not registered with the FBR and are being registered by their respective RTOs for broadening of the tax base.

The information obtained from different distribution companies including Gas and electricity regarding unregistered commercial/industrial consumers is being used for BTB purposes.

MoUs have been signed with different departments including NADRA, FIA, PITB, SCBA, banks, etc. for the provision of data for perusal, matching with the existing data of FBR and exploration of new taxpayers.

The interface of the FBR website is under continuous improvement so that it is user-friendly, provides every possible facility to existing as well as new taxpayers, and contributes a lot towards the achievement of the overall BTB target.

The information gathered from various sources is processed and made available to taxpayers under a newly added Tab “Malomaat” on the FBR website for their facilitation as well as creating deterrence against non-declaration of existing taxpayers and detection of new taxpayers. This portal is accessible by getting registered through a simple procedure which enables a person to see all types of expenditures incurred by him including purchase of properties & vehicles, bank deposits, salary payments to employees of Federal, as well as Provincial Government Departments, frequent travelers’ data and Bank Accounts data of new businesses. This is to ensure maximum enrollment of new taxpayers.

The withholding statements submitted periodically by different taxpayers/withholding agents regarding the deduction of tax are under the permanent watch of the DG BTB for the search of new taxpayers.

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