High Court Orders Closure of Business Activities in Lahore at 10 PM

In a significant move to address the escalating smog crisis, the Lahore High Court has issued a comprehensive order, directing various measures aimed at curbing hazardous environmental conditions.

Justice Shahid Kareem of the Lahore High Court issued a written order in response to multiple petitions, including one submitted by urban planner Haroon Farooq. The court’s directives include a mandate for commercial activities to shut down by 10 PM, a crucial step in mitigating the factors contributing to the worsening air quality.

The Lahore CCPO (Chief City Police Officer) has been entrusted with the responsibility of implementing the court’s order, emphasizing the need for stringent enforcement to ensure compliance.

Furthermore, the court has called upon the Secretary to the Chief Minister to instruct the CCPO to take immediate action. This directive extends to the Lahore administration and the government, with the expectation that notifications will be promptly issued to enforce the outlined measures.

To address the smog crisis on a broader scale, the Lahore High Court has ordered the issuance of a notification for two days of work-from-home for private institutions, including banks. This proactive approach aims to reduce vehicular emissions and overall human activity contributing to air pollution during the week.

Additionally, the Lahore High Court has taken a firm stance on industries, directing the closure of units that had previously been sealed. This measure underscores the court’s commitment to holding accountable those contributing to environmental degradation.

In a move signaling strict oversight, the Lahore High Court has also issued an order for action against officials of the Environmental Protection Department who were responsible for sealing units. This demonstrates the court’s determination to address the root causes of the smog crisis and ensure accountability in the fight against environmental pollution.

The Lahore High Court’s decisive actions reflect a comprehensive approach to tackle the smog crisis and underscore the urgency of addressing environmental concerns to safeguard public health and well-being.

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