List of Phones You Can Get PTA Approved on Installments at Alfa Mall

The new iPhone 15 series is not the only lineup Bank Alfalah is offering PTA approvals for at its Alfa Mall. In fact, the service includes several iPhone generations as well as Samsung flagships and some mid-rangers.

Here are all the phones available at Alfa Mall’s PTA approval service.


Starting with the latest phones, the iPhone 15 family is available with interest-free PTA approval installments at Alfa Mall, but we will not go into detail as we have already covered the 15 series in a separate article.

The iPhone 14 series is also available on the website including the iPhone 14 for Rs. 133,999, the iPhone 14 Plus for Rs. 139,999, the iPhone 14 Pro for Rs. 148,999, and finally, the iPhone 14 Pro Max for Rs. 158,999.

The iPhone 13 series is listed on the Alfa Mall as well, though it does not say specifically which models can be approved through the option. There is only a single price of Rs. 144,999 from Pak Mobiles, but there is an additional listing of Rs. 152,000 for the “iPhone 13 series” from a seller called Friends Communication.

Similarly, the PTA approval for the “iPhone 12 series” is priced at Rs. 148,000, but there is also a separate entry for the iPhone 12 Pro Max for Rs. 129,999.

Samsung Phones

As mentioned earlier, there are Samsung flagships as well as mid-rangers available on the website including several phones from the S series and A series.

The PTA approval service for the Galaxy S23 Ultra costs Rs. 159,999, while the listing for the S23 and S23+ is going for Rs. 154,999. There is also a separate listing for the standard Galaxy S23 at Rs. 165,999 and the entire S23 series for Rs. 157,000.

Going back, the S22 Ultra is listed for Rs. 119,999 and Rs. 131,600, but that’s the only phone available from the series.

Last but not least, the Galaxy A53 and A73 mid-rangers can be PTA-approved for Rs. 60,000 and Rs. 70,000, respectively.

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