OnePlus 12 Global Launch Date Teased

OnePlus 12 is scheduled for a December 5 launch in China, and there is strong indication that its global launch will take place on January 24. OnePlus initiated its global marketing campaign for the smartphone by unveiling a teaser page featuring a brief video showcasing the upcoming flagship’s design.

The video does not talk about the global launch date but showcases the stand-out green color variant for the flagship phone.

According to support pages for Europe, the US, and India, the marketing campaign is set to run from November 27 until January 23. The OnePlus India page specifies that this period concludes “the day before the OnePlus 12 launch event.”

OnePlus plans to conduct giveaways for the imminent OnePlus 12 through its various regional branches. The sole condition for participation is that users must subscribe to the launch page using a valid email.


Louis Jie, the chief of OnePlus operations in China, disclosed that the OnePlus 12 will be equipped with a 50MP main camera sporting a Sony LYT-808 sensor. He shared a teaser featuring all three Hasselblad-branded cameras, unveiling that the ultra-wide shooter will house a 48MP sensor, and the periscope lens with 3x telephoto zoom will incorporate a 64MP imager. Additionally, there’s a 13-channel multi-spectral sensor integrated to augment the camera setup’s capabilities.

This camera configuration may sound familiar as it mirrors the setup found in the OnePlus Open and the Oppo Find N3. The only notable difference lies in the internal architecture and design. However, the OnePlus 12 is expected to take better pictures than the foldable since it will be powered by the more advanced Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC.

Qualcomm has committed to incorporating AI-enhanced camera features into all phones featuring the new SoC. These enhancements encompass Semantic Segmentation for enriching the vibrancy and detail of real-life images, an object eraser for videos, and generative AI to expand images beyond their originally captured data.

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