Pakistan Railways Raises Fares by 5% From December 1

Effective December 1, Pakistan Railways has once again increased its fares, this time by 5%, as announced in an official notification.

This move follows a similar action taken in September when passenger train fares were raised in response to a substantial surge in petrol and diesel prices.

The recent 5% hike applies across all train categories, encompassing shuttles, passenger trains, express services, and freight transportation.

Over the past three months, the railway ministry has implemented a cumulative 25% increase in both passenger and freight train fares.

The preceding adjustments occurred on August 10, with a 10% increase, and in September, with a 2% rise.

These successive fare adjustments reflect the ongoing challenges faced by Pakistan Railways amid economic fluctuations and fuel price volatility, necessitating periodic adjustments to maintain operational sustainability.

Passengers will need to adapt to these changes in the cost structure of railway services.

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