X Beats Instagram and Facebook By a Mile Via Google Traffic

If you Google search “Twitter is dying”, it shows several articles from major news outlets covering the topic of Twitter’s (now called X) spiraling traffic. This has actually helped X beat Instagram and Facebook significantly in terms of traffic generated through Google. Bad publicity is still publicity after all.

Elon Musk highlighted this news on his social media platform, saying “Guess we’re not dead yet”, alongside a laughing emoji.

The original tweet quoted by Elon Musk showcases social media traffic through Google’s top 100 organic search results. X stands at the top with 640.6 million traffic generated, which puts it significantly ahead of Instagram and Facebook, both of which generated 548.3 million and 491.7 million traffic through Google, respectively.

The post from Elon Musk managed to get a lot of attention from X users, getting 40 million views and nearly 350,000 likes, which is far above the engagement Musk’s posts typically get.

While X’s daily and monthly active users are still unimpressive, at least this development is somewhat of a silver lining for the social network.

Threads Also Recovering

Twitter’s biggest rival Threads has also been showing signs of recovery recently. The micro-blogging platform enjoyed its 15 minutes of fame soon after its launch as curious Instagram and Twitter users flocked over to check out the brand-new app.

Threads managed to get over 100 million users within a week this way, but the buzz died down due to multiple reasons. Many had satisfied their curiosity after a while and the app also lacked several essential features at launch such as the ability to edit posts, share posts, a web version, and you could not delete a Threads account without deleting your Instagram account.

But in October, the text-based social network regained plenty of users, successfully doubling its daily and monthly active user base.

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