Rawalpindi Bans Qingqi Rickshaws for Transportation

Following Punjab’s government decision to ban Qingqi rickshaws across the province, the Rawalpindi district administration has formulated a strategy to eliminate these three-wheelers from the city.

A senior official of the district administration told a national daily that they plan to get rid of all the Qingqi rickshaws across the garrison city in two phases. In the first phase, manufacturing factories of such vehicles will be sealed, and in the second phase, a complete ban will be imposed on using motorcycle rickshaws as a means of public transport and loading vehicles.

He added that the administration will form teams of various departments, encompassing Regional Transport Authority, City Traffic Police, Special Branch, and District Police. This team will be empowered to take action against motorcycle rickshaw manufacturing units across Rawalpindi.

The official further stated that a list of all such factories will be compiled and submitted to the provincial government, adding that Qingqi rickshaw manufacturing factories have been declared illegal by the government.

He revealed that police officials will be deployed on various routes and any motorcycle rickshaw entering the route will be impounded at the police station, along with a heavy fine on the driver.

“It has been decided that soon after the announcement of the policy on motorcycle rickshaws by the Punjab government, action not only be taken against those who book motorcycle rickshaws for loading but also against those who load goods on these vehicles,” the official told the local media outlet.

The Regional Transport Authority’s (RTA) Secretary Arshad Ali said that they are bound by the policy of the Punjab government. He added that an alternative policy is also being formulated by the provincial government to abolish motorcycle rickshaws, and ‘its implementation will be started as soon as the policy.’

So far, the district administration has been unable to locate any motorcycle rickshaw units. However, action will continue until all such units are sealed as per the directives of the government.

Initially, the focus will be on eliminating unregistered rickshaws used for commercial purposes, with plans to expand the scope of action to include other motorcycle rickshaws, encompassing both transport and loading variants.

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