These Most Wanted Professions Make it Easy to Get Work Visa in Portugal

In June of this year, Portugal recorded approximately 57,375 job openings, signaling opportunities for prospective employees, particularly in sectors facing recruitment challenges. The fields experiencing a high demand for skilled workers include information and communication technologies, business support centers, healthcare, hospitality, agriculture, construction, and renewable energy.

Foreign individuals aspiring to work and live in Portugal stand a better chance of securing a Portuguese work visa if their professional backgrounds align with these in-demand sectors. To facilitate this process, the Portuguese government introduced the “Working in Portugal” program last year. This initiative assists immigrants in obtaining the necessary documents for legal entry and stay, while also providing access to employment opportunities.

The aging population in Portugal, with 23% of its residents over 65 years old, contributes to the reliance on foreign workers to address labor shortages. Companies in Portugal are actively seeking individuals in various sectors, with specific occupations drawing particular attention.

Key Occupations in Demand:

  1. Information & Communication Technologies (ICT): Professionals such as software developers, data analysts, cybersecurity specialists, and IT engineers are sought after. Salaries range from €50,360 to €50,932 annually.
  2.  Business Support Centres: Companies seek staff in sales administration, human resources, accounting, and management control. Average salaries include €52,696 for HR managers, €38,438 for accountants, and €30,242 for sales representatives.
  3. Healthcare: Demand exists for doctors and nurses with various specializations. Average salaries are €88,488 for medical doctors and €31,702 for registered nurses.
  4. Hospitality & Tourism: Positions related to hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, and tourism are in demand. Average salaries include €27,797 for kitchen chefs, €14,609 for waiters, and €12,932 for baristas.
  5. Agriculture: Seasonal workers, especially fruit and vegetable pickers, are needed, with an average salary of €10,628 per year.
  6. Construction: Plumbers, electricians, and other skilled tradespeople are sought after, with salaries ranging from €29,927 to €31,199 per year.
  7. Renewable Energy: Workers with expertise in development, installation, and maintenance are needed, with varying salaries depending on the specific occupation.

Job Vacancies and Preferred Regions:

The majority of job vacancies are concentrated in the Centre region of Portugal, with demand in personal care, healthcare, transportation, pharmaceuticals, civil construction, machine operation, and agriculture (seasonal unskilled workers). Proficiency in language, programming, and technical skills is particularly valued in IT, electronics, and contact center sectors.

Work Visa Requirements:

While citizens of EU/EFA countries and Switzerland don’t need a visa to work in Portugal, other foreign nationals require a work visa. The application process involves employers posting job vacancies for at least a month, allowing relevant authorities to assess the availability of Portuguese or EU citizens for the position.

Cost of Living in Portugal:

For individuals considering a move to Portugal, the estimated monthly expenses for a single person, excluding rent, are €617. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the city center costs approximately €773.78 per month. Monthly expenses for a family of four are estimated to be €2,168.6, with a three-bedroom apartment’s rent in the city center averaging €1,275.27. Living outside the city center can result in lower monthly rents, around €992.89.
Understanding these aspects, including job market dynamics, work visa procedures, and living costs, provides valuable insights for those contemplating a professional journey in Portugal.

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