WhatsApp is Getting Android’s Quick Share-Like Feature Soon

Google and Samsung have introduced an upgrade for Android’s native file-sharing mechanism, ushering in a rebranding of the once-familiar Nearby Share, now known as Quick Share. With this fresh enhancement, the stage is set for effortless file exchange not only between Android smartphones but also between Android devices and computers running Chrome OS and Windows operating systems.

Simultaneously, the popular messaging platform WhatsApp is amid experimental ventures, exploring a novel functionality designed for sharing files with nearby contacts. This feature, unearthed by the team at WABetaInfo within WhatsApp’s latest Android beta version, leverages Bluetooth technology as the conduit for swift and convenient file transfers among users.

The publication has also shared screenshots of what the feature looks like.


This feature empowers users with the capability to effortlessly share files of sizes up to 2GB, presenting a swift and convenient alternative that surpasses traditional approaches such as sharing files through chat or relying on cloud storage solutions.

For the seamless transfer to take place, both users must be within the app’s designated “Share Files” section, and they are required to remain in this section until the transfer reaches its completion. This method retains end-to-end encryption, ensuring the same level of security as WhatsApp’s established file-sharing procedures.

Adding a touch of novelty to the process, users must physically shake their smartphones to initiate the file-sharing process.

Throughout the file transfer process, phone numbers are guaranteed to remain concealed, shielded from the view of individuals who do not feature in your contact list.

While this fresh addition proves to be a valuable asset for regular WhatsApp users, some may perceive it as somewhat overlapping with the recent Quick Share update introduced by Google and Samsung. Nevertheless, its true potential lies in its platform universality – if WhatsApp’s feature is seamlessly compatible with both iOS and Android, it could indeed disrupt the game. However, should this not be the case, alternative platforms may still offer more robust built-in options for file sharing.

Other upcoming features include color themes for WhatsApp’s accent colors, a sticker editor, the ability to share polls and transfer ownership in Channels, bug fixes for the camera feature and some notifications, and more.

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