CDA Revokes Allotment of 49 Plots in Prime Locations Across Islamabad

In a move towards adherence to regulations, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has taken a decisive step by revoking the allotment of 49 plots in response to violations of terms, rules, and regulations, along with non-compliance with obligations and failure to settle outstanding dues.

According to the public notice issued by CDA, among the canceled plots is one situated in the prestigious Blue Area, with an additional 17 plots located in various Marakaz (main commercial areas) across Islamabad.

The CDA’s actions also extend to the cancellation of 11 plots in the Industrial Area and 7 in Class III shopping centers. Furthermore, 2 plots in CDA Park Enclave and 11 plots in the I&T sectors have also been canceled.

This move aims to ensure strict adherence to established guidelines, fostering a culture of compliance within the real estate sector. The authority emphasizes that these cancellations are a result of clear violations and failure to fulfill specified obligations.

To protect the interests of the public, the CDA advises against any transactions related to the canceled plots. Notably, the authority asserts that it will not bear responsibility for any financial losses incurred in the case of investments made in these plots.

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