Nestlé Pakistan Goes Global: Boosts Export Presence in Europe, North America, Middle East & Central Asia

Nestlé Pakistan has made tremendous strides in expanding its presence in 18 international markets and committing to the economic growth of Pakistan by doubling its global export presence.

Exports play a pivotal role in boosting economic growth, creating employment opportunities, and enhancing the overall standard of living.

Nestlé Pakistan’s export expansion in 18 countries is a significant achievement in contributing to the growth of the packaged food industry’s export potential.

Recognizing the positive impact of international trade on economic development, job creation, and cultural exchange, Nestlé has been experiencing rapid growth in its export business since 2020. Through a combination of entering new markets and increasing revenue from existing strategic markets worldwide, Nestlé Pakistan has achieved exponential growth in revenue.

Talking about the milestone, Dr. Shamshad Akhtar, Minister for Finance & Revenue, stated: “In these challenging times, the importance of exports cannot be overstated. We are pleased to see that Nestle has successfully expanded its export presence. Given the scale of Nestle’s worldwide operations, we anticipate that the exports from Pakistan will be scaled up significantly in 2024. The increase directly contributes to our efforts to shore up foreign reserves, providing a much-needed buffer in the face of economic uncertainties.”

Commerce Minister Dr. Gohar Ejaz highlighting the government’s regulatory framework for commerce and industry, shared: “We have enforced standards for products and services to meet quality and safety requirements for international markets in alignment with broader economic goals. Nestlé’s accomplishment marks a significant milestone for the packaged food sector.”

Jason Avanceña, Chief Executive Officer, Nestlé Pakistan said: “Having completed 35 years in Pakistan with a strong Swiss legacy of trust and quality, Nestlé Pakistan has successfully positioned itself as a global player in the food and beverage industry.”

“With a cumulative annual growth rate in some of our biggest export markets such as 39% in the USA, 113% in the UK, 51% in Australia, and 57% in Canada among others, Nestlé Pakistan has not only generated substantial foreign exchange earnings but has also showcased the excellence of Pakistani products on an international stage, especially among the Pakistani diaspora,” he added.

Nestlé offers over 2,000 brands globally, some of which are unique to some markets.

Nestlé Pakistan is proud to bring some of the most iconic Pakistani brands in tea creaming, beverages, and dairy culinary categories such as NESTLÉ EVERYDAY, NESTLÉ FRUITAVITALS, NESTLÉ MILKPAK CREAM, and many more. These extend their liking beyond the country’s borders and find their home on shelves for consumers around the world, particularly the Pakistani diaspora.

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