Windows 11 Gets Built-in Voice Clarity Feature for Calls and Gaming

Microsoft’s latest update to its Canary test build for Windows brings a useful update to the operating system, which was previously only available to Surface devices.

The Windows maker has just released the Voice Clarity feature for all machines running the popular operating system as well as those using ARM CPUs. As the name says, the Voice Clarity feature is supposed to make you sound clearer in calls and meetings. According to a Windows blog post, the feature uses “low complexity AI models” to filter out background noise, echo, and reverberation.

The potential utility of the Voice Clarity feature is readily apparent, with its most evident application being clearer Zoom and Teams meetings. We’ve all gone through meetings while barely being able to hear anyone on the other side, even if they try everything in their power to fix it. There is also the case of people giving presentations while standing 10 feet away from their laptops.

Microsoft is also extending the use of Voice Clarity beyond meetings and calls into its potential applications to PC gaming. The technology is poised to enhance voice chat experiences by harnessing AI to effectively mitigate intrusive background noise.

In addition to this upgrade, the latest build introduces several other noteworthy enhancements. Users can now enjoy seamless access to photos and screenshots stored on their connected Android devices. Furthermore, Microsoft has revamped the Windows setup procedure, presenting users with a more streamlined and contemporary design, aimed at improving the overall user experience.

Another notable inclusion in this build is the introduction of an 80Gbps bandwidth update to USB4.

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