Pakistan Makes Big Jump in Latest Corruption Rankings

Pakistan has made notable strides in combating corruption, as evidenced by its climb of 7 positions in the Corruption Perception Index (CPI) 2023, now resting at 133 compared to its previous ranking of 140 in 2022.

Moreover, there’s been a tangible improvement in its CPI score, rising by 2 points to reach 29 in 2023, up from 27 in 2022.

These advancements underscore the concerted efforts across various governmental sectors to tackle corruption effectively.

Justice (R) Zia Perwez, Chair of Transparency International Pakistan, commended the government’s commitment to enhancing governance and enforcing laws more effectively. He expressed optimism that these policies will yield further positive outcomes in the future.

Transparency International has emphasized the importance of granting justice systems autonomy, sufficient resources, and transparency to combat corruption comprehensively.

Perwez stressed the necessity for governments to bolster legal frameworks and procedures to empower justice institutions in their fight against corrupt practices.

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