How to Participate in PK Rupee Note Design Competition

The State Bank of Pakistan has invited artists, designers, and art students to submit designs for new banknote series.

Participants are expected to come up with novel designs and ideas. The designs should be submitted to the Director, Finance Department, State Bank of Pakistan, I.I. Chundrigar Road, Karachi, by 11th March 2024.

Everything to Know About the Competition
  1. The Participants can share the design of all the seven (07) existing denominations (Rs. 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, 1,000, and 5000) or fewer denominations based on their choice.
  2. The design for each banknote shall be presented in hard copy on white paper along with a writeup of not more than a hundred words in English or Urdu, explaining the design and its theme.
  3. The colors of each banknote denomination should be unique and easily distinguishable.
  4. A Jury comprising reputed artists will evaluate the designs and recommend the top six (06) designs for each denomination to the SBP for picking the top 3 designs of each denomination.
  5. The first, second, and third designs of each denomination will be given the prize of Rs.1,000,000/-, Rs. 500,000/- and Rs. 300,000/- respectively.
  6. The participants shall ensure that their submitted designs are free from any copyright claims and/or liabilities.
  7. The members of the Jury, SBP, and its subsidiary employees and their family members shall not be eligible to participate in the Art Competition.
  8. The designs submitted in the Art Competition will be the sole property of the SBP and the SBP will be at liberty to share the design or any modification thereof with the banknote designers for banknote designing, without any extra compensation.
  9. For any questions and clarifications about the Art Competition, contact here.

The design ideas and themes finalized after the Art Competition will be shared with the reputed professional banknote designers to be selected through a competitive process for developing the final printable designs for each denomination.

The existing banknote series will remain in circulation even after the issuance of a new series. Any decision on withdrawal of the existing series from circulation will be taken in a gradual and phased manner, once the new banknotes are issued and are in circulation in sufficient quantities.

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