HMD Will No Longer Sell Nokia Brand Phones

In a significant shift, Human Mobile Devices (HMD Global) has announced its intention to introduce its line of devices devoid of the Nokia branding, effectively signaling the anticipated conclusion of Nokia Mobile smartphones.

HMD Global, the bearer of this news, has also teased consumers with a sneak peek into its impending product portfolio, encompassing a diverse range of offerings. Among these, customers can expect to find smartphones, tablets, and wireless earbuds, generating considerable speculation that the inaugural HMD-branded smartphones might make their grand entrance at the upcoming MWC Barcelona event, scheduled for February 26-29.

HMD’s official website prominently declares the company as the “Makers of Nokia phones,” hinting at the possibility of forthcoming Nokia-branded feature phones.

HMD is poised to unveil a range of new phones that promise to be resilient, enjoyable, secure, swift, and budget-friendly. While stocks last, the majority of the existing Nokia-branded smartphones and tablets are available at discounted prices.

Notably, Nokia Corporation maintains its position as a worldwide frontrunner in network equipment and is a prominent patent licensor in the mobile technology sector. It boasts an extensive portfolio of over 6,000 patent families that are integral to the advancement of 5G technology.

Cross Licensing With Oppo

Recently, Nokia ended a long-standing patent infringement court battle against Oppo and OnePlus, which had forced the two Chinese brands out of certain European markets including Germany. The BBK Electronics-owned brands have now entered a cross-licensing 5G patent agreement to settle the case where Oppo will be making royalty payments to Nokia alongside catch-up payments to cover the periods of non-payment.

This would once again allow Oppo and OnePlus to operate in markets they were previously barred from over patent infringement.

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