iPhone 15 Series Fails Customer Satisfaction Ratings With Poor Battery Life and More

Despite several upgrades offered on the iPhone 15 Pro phones, it appears to be feeling customer satisfaction surveys.

As per the findings of a recent survey encompassing over 700,000 user-generated Google reviews, an increasing number of customers have begun to voice their dissatisfaction with several aspects of Apple’s latest ‘Pro’ models following their purchases.

Previously released data from PerfectRec had already highlighted a concerning trend. It revealed that the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple’s most recent addition to its lineup, had achieved the lowest customer satisfaction rating among all premium iPhone models released before it. The device’s 5-star ratings had experienced a significant decline, plummeting to 68% since October 2023.

The report from PerfectRec said:

Our initial study of iPhone 15 satisfaction from October, 2023 found that the 15 Pro had the lowest customer satisfaction of any premium iPhone ever. Since then, the proportion of customers rating the iPhone 15 Pro 5-stars has decreased from 72% to 68%.

The various complaints from customers included the lack of upgrades compared to previous models, poor battery life, and the giant camera island making it difficult to keep the phone flat. The complaint about the lack of upgrades is rather strange since the iPhone 15 Pro phones brought more enhancements compared to the iPhone 14 Pro phones.

The report added:

The iPhone 15 Pro wasn’t the only model that saw lower customer satisfaction in January. The percent of purchasers leaving five star reviews declined for all iPhone models from December. The largest month-to-month decrease was for the iPhone 15 Plus, which is generally the best-reviewed model of this generation.

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