UAE Based Startup ‘Al Syed Group’ Promotes Pakistan’s Export in 12 Countries

Al Syed Group, with its foundation in 2012, has been at the forefront of fostering global connections, with a commitment to the pursuit of excellence, transforming itself into Global Cross Trade. The company deals in agricultural and food supply chain products. With its footprints in 12 Countries, including GCC, African, and Asian markets, including UAE, Uganda, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Pakistan, Iran, India, Bahrain, Kuwait, Vietnam, and Tanzania, the Group has established itself as a market leader in the international import and export industry.

Al Syed Group’s success is built on a solid import and export infrastructure with Air, Sea, and Land trade. It was founded by Mr Naeem Ahmed and carried the legacy ahead of two dynamic experience holders from well-known organizations, Zaka Ullah Naeem and Abdullah Akhtar.

Co-founder and CEO Zaka Ullah Naeem has held significant positions at Cheetay and Foodpanda, whereas Abdullah Akhtar, COO, has extensive experience with firms such as Hubpay, Retailo, Foodpanda, and Finja. With specialized sales and operational teams and experienced directors in each region.

CEO Zaka Ullah believes, “Usually traders care of one side of the operations either import or export, but there is a huge gap and opportunity in the cross-trade model due to linguistic, accessibility, product unawareness, and thousands of potential quality products are yet to be exchanged, this is the gap we are trying to fill with our model.”

The Group offers 3 dynamic business models for every individual, investor, supplier, and buyer to partner with us, enabling and connecting them in a global supply chain. This strategy provides efficiency, creativity, and adaptability to the ever-changing face of international trade.

Collaboration is important to Al-Syed Group’s success, and the company proudly collaborates with industry leaders such as Maersk, Air Arabia, Qatar Airways, Retailo, D Freight, Invoice Mate, DHL, Credit Book, Mehmood Group, Sea board B&S Group. These relationships demonstrate the company’s commitment to creating a dependable and strong global trading experience. To help the economy in Pakistan reach maximum growth, Al Syed encourages suppliers from Pakistan to export with them through their extremely convenient and easy model, paying special focus to food commodities.

Sooner, the company is looking forward to entering electronics, sourcing from China, UAE to African markets, having huge potential with their expansion up to 32 – 35 countries in upcoming years. The group’s commitment to freshness, quality, and innovation is evident in the diverse array of high-quality products with over-growing supply and demand. The Group anchors the excellence in fresh, dry, and garment products; their portfolio includes lentils, grain, pulses, fruits, vegetables, and cloths, with each item sourced, processed, and delivered to meet the highest standards.

Speaking of their high standards, Al-Syed Group is a leading and prominent supplier in the Gulf, especially in Dubai’s avocado market. This success demonstrates the company’s dedication to broadening its product line and satisfying consumers’ wants in an increasingly dynamic market. The company’s future plans include expansion into the Europe, the United States, and Canada, consolidating its position as a worldwide leader in trading.

Al-Syed Group proudly maintains a bottom-line favorable position, with a 35.8% annual net profitability overall, demonstrating a commitment to long-term growth and prosperity at both the local and national levels. The group encourages and loves to connect with farmers, wholesalers, suppliers, exporters, and importers to enable maximum markets for them.

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