Pakistani Man Wins Big at Lucky Draw in the UAE

The recent announcement of final draw numbers over the weekend has transformed lives in India, Qatar, and Pakistan.

It highlights the broad appeal and global reach of Emirates Draw, creating winners across the Middle East and Asia.

In the Emirates Draw FAST5, three Guaranteed Raffle Draw winners were announced alongside a MEGA7 Second Prize winner, who narrowly missed the Dh100 million Grand Prize by just one number.

Mohammad Ishaq, a 40-year-old dentist from Islamabad, is convinced that his Emirates Draw FAST5 Guaranteed Prize win is a purposeful gift from God.

Moving away from his dental career, life steered Ishaq towards becoming the owner of a copper and granite mining enterprise.

“I believe in giving, and now that I have received this money out of nowhere, it is my goodwill gesture and duty to share it with others,” he said.

He announced distributing the prize money equally between his wife, children and staff.

Ishaq has been a regular participant after discovering the draw through social media last year. Ishaq’s number selections, mostly random, hold a particular affection for the number 9, which consistently features in all his combinations.

During the live draw on Instagram at home, Ishaq initially set aside his phone when he realized his numbers didn’t match the Grand Prize.

Surprisingly, a few minutes later, Ishaq received an email confirming his Dh50,000 prize.

Following this unexpected victory, Ishaq is determined to win the MEGA7 Dh100 million to enhance and expand his business.

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