Islamabad High Court Website Recovers After 2 Days of Disruption

The Islamabad High Court’s website, commonly used to upload online case lists and details of cases, had been completely inaccessible for the past 2 days, leaving lawyers and other users compromised. The website is now up and running once again.

The website provides information on brief and detailed decisions of cases and also contains details of objections and their determinations on pending applications.

Due to the closure of the Islamabad High Court’s website, distant applicants faced difficulties as they and their lawyers were unable to obtain information about cases.

In this regard, the Deputy Registrar’s office stated that work was ongoing on server maintenance. Maintenance work on the server started yesterday, and once the server work is completed today, the website will be accessible once again.

Thanks to this recovery, users are again able to access various features on the website, such as its digital library, case management, news and announcements, list of judges, and more.

It is worth mentioning that the Islamabad High Court also has an Android and iOS app available on their respective app stores for easier access. The links are available on the Islamabad High Court website. They have many of the same features found on the web version.

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