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Astronomers spotted something strange in space and can’t explain it

Astronomers have spotted a new class of radio objects in space that has never been documented before.  The researchers ruled out most possible explanations...

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Falcon 9 landing leg breaks free, slams into the deck of the company’s droneship

An unofficial observer captured a rare glitch in the preparation of a SpaceX Falcon 9 for transportation after it was recovered via droneship. A...

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Researchers know what people the coronavirus is more likely to kill

A massive coronavirus Oxford study provides the same tips as previous work on the matter when it comes to the risk factors that can...

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‘Unsolved Mysteries’ reboot on Netflix led the FBI to reopen a murder investigation

The ‘Unsolved Mysteries’ reboot on Netflix has already led to a number of credible tips on unsolved crimes. The FBI recently reopened its investigation into...

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Wearing a face mask reduces your coronavirus infection risk by 65%

Coronavirus tips: Wearing a face mask is one of the best ways to avoid being infected. The protective equipment can reduce the risk of...

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